Jail Administrators Message

The Crawford County Jail is a full service, 24 hour a day operation. The 121 bed facility is run by competent staff of 30 corrections officers and is complimented by a Jail Physician and Registered Nurses, all of which are under the direction of the Sheriff. Various programs are offered to inmates such as: AA meetings, GED, Church/Bible study, anger management, mental health services and recreation.  It is the Sheriff’s intention to maintain an effective safe and secure operation in the jail for both inmates and officers. Correction officers rise to unusual and unexpected circumstances on a daily basis; yet they report to work each and every day as they strive for and preserve the highest level of integrity. Security is our number one priority and  must be achieved to gain public trust.  The county jail maintains 100 percent compliance with Ohio State Minimum Jail Standards and continues to strive for excellence.  Crawford County Jail is currently housing prisoners for other agencies because of jail overcrowding. Contracts are being accepted.  

For inquires contact Sheriff Scott Kent at (419) 562-7906.