The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office accepts completed Ohio Concealed Carry applications/renewals on Tuesday and Thursday, by appointment only. Call Kerry McNutt at 419-562-7906 to schedule.

Completed applications must be submitted in person at the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, 3613 Stetzer Road, Bucyrus, Ohio.

An applicant must be a resident of Ohio for at least 45 days before becoming eligible to apply and must be a resident of Crawford County (or and adjoining county) for at least 30 of the 45 days. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and not a fugitive from justice. Many criminal offenses will bar an applicant from obtaining a license. For further details, visit the State of Ohio Attorney General ‘s web site at

Applicants must at the time of application:

1. Submit a completed application form – Application for License to Carry a Concealed Handgun 

2. A color photo attached to the form, taken within the last 30 days. Photo should not be larger then a 2 inch by 3 inch. Crawford County can take the photo for an additional fee of $5.00.

3. Submit a certificate of completion of a firearms safety courses offered by or under the auspices of the NRA or other certification as specified in ORC 2923.125.

4. Present a valid Ohio drivers license or Ohio ID card.

5. Pay a fee of sixty-seven dollars ($67.00) by cash or money order. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. (If at all possible exact change). Persons who have been a resident of Ohio for less than 5 years must also pay an additional federal background check fee of ten dollars ($10.00).

6. The fee for a renewal license is fifty dollars ($50.00), if you have lived in Ohio the last 5 years. If the renewal requires a Federal background check it will be an additional ten dollars ($10.00).

7. Submit to fingerprinting necessary to conduct a background check. The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office will inform applicants by phone or mail whether the application has been approved or denied. Allow 45 days after application submission to receive the permit. It is a felony to carry a firearm into the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office or any Crawford County Building.