- Job Application -


Please read the following information before completing the application.

1. Completing and submitting your employment application does not guarantee a job offer or a job interview. Your application will be reviewed and considered with others who have submitted applications, for the same job opportunity. Decisions about interviews will be based on those considerations.
2. The employment application must be completed in its entirely to be considered.
3. If the information provided on the application cannot be satisfactorily verified or is found to be untruthful, your application could be considered incomplete or unacceptable.
4. We do not accept or retain unsolicited applications. Applications are filed according to specific, posted job opportunities.
5. Due to the large number of applications received and the competitive nature of our employment process, we are not able to release specific reasons for employment decisions.
6. Depending on the position, applicants considered for employment may be subject to the following:

a. Employment reference checks from current and previous employers
b. Criminal background check (BCI and/or FBI)
c. Drug screen and alcohol screen/
d. Motor Vehicle Record check
e. Check of personal references
f. Verification of post-secondary educational degrees

Crawford County is an equal opportunity employer and employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, military status, genetic testing, or other unlawful bias except when such a factor constitutes a bona fide occupational qualification.
If you have questions regarding the application process or posted positions, please contact
The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office 3613 Stetzer Road Bucyrus, Ohio 44820

A. Application must be completed by Applicant
B. All relevent sections of the application must be completed
C. All relevant questions must be answered completely and accurately
D. All information is subject to detailed background checks and verification

List all addresses for the last five (5) years. Begin with your present address first.

Present Address

Previous Address

Previous Address

Previous Address

List all employment for the last five (5) years. Begin with your present employment first. NOTE: include all military service, all part-time, or temporary employment.

Present Employment

Previous Employment

Previous Employment

Previous Employment

Complete the following information about schools you have attended.


Trade or Career Center School

College or University

If you have received Training in an area which you feel is relevant to the position(s) for which you are applying, please submit the following information (do not include training gained as a part of your education as described above).

List names and addresses of three (3) individuals, (no relatives), who may be contacted for a professional recommendation. References must have known you for at least five (5) years.

First Reference

Second Reference

Third Reference

Applicant’s Certification and Agreement

I Authorize investigation of all information I have disclosed herein so that you may be provided with relevant information about my background. I understand this investigation may include personal interviews with business associates, sources, or others with whom I am acquainted. I release all parties from any liability for any damage that may result from furnishing this information to you. This release extends to all pertinent information, personal or otherwise.

I authorize investigation of my criminal and employment history as required by the Sheriff’s Office as a condition of my continued employment. I release all persons or companies conducting any lawful investigation from any liability.

I further agree to take any lawful medical or honesty examination required by the Sheriff’s Office as a condition of my being hired, or after I might be hired, as a condition of my continued employment. I agree that my refusal to take any such lawful examination may be cause for termination of my employment. I understand that the Sheriff’s Office will not hire any applicant who tested positive or refuses to consent to pre-employment drug testing. I further understand that if I am employed by the Sheriff’s Office that drug/alcohol testing may be conducted upon reasonable suspicion and if I refuse to consent to drug/alcohol testing or test positive I may be subject to termination.

I release all person or companies conducting any lawful medical or honesty examination from any liability.
I certify that the facts contained in this Application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and understand that, if I become employed, any false information I may have provided on this Application shall be grounds for my dismissal. I also understand that I am required to abide by all rules and regulations of the Sheriff’s Office.