Printable forms   Purchasers statement  Deed on decree/order of sale pdf    Real Estate Judicial Sale Remote Bid Form If forms do not display properly download acrobat reader at Crawford County Sale Instructions Scott M. Kent   1.  Fax the legal description to the tax map office 419-563-0157.  They will approve or disapprove the legal and fax the approval sheet back to you.  We are using the same approval sheet we have always used.  The approval sheet should be sent with the praecipe when filing an order of sale with the clerk of courts. 2.  The clerk of courts will send the approval sheet to the sheriff’s office with the order of sales. 3.  The property will be apprasied and set for sale. 4.  Copies of the appraisal and sale ad will be sent to the attorney. The original appraisal sheet will be filed with the clerk.  We use local real estate people (certified freeholders of Crawford County) to do our appraisals. Appraisers are paid $50.00 per appraised property that are sold by the Sheriff’s Office. 5.  Advertising will be three consecutive weeks on the same day of the week with the sale date to be the following Friday.   The sheriff’s office advertises on Wednesdays and sells on Fridays.  The physical address, parcel numbers, volume/page and location where full legal description can be found will be included in the ad. 6.  The plaintiff will not be required to pay a deposit when purchasing property. All other purchasers must pay a deposit by cash, certified check or money order as outlined in the  Ohio Revised Code 2329.211.   7.  We will continue to use our purchaser statement form for all purchases. The plaintiff will need to send a completed form along with their bidding instructions to local attorneys covering the sale. This form must be filed with the sheriff’s office on the day of sale. Plaintiff bids will be accepted via fax, email, USPS and mail courier as long as the Plaintiff’s bid is received prior to 4:30pm the business day prior to the date of sale. Plaintiff’s bid can be emailed to or faxed (419)-562-7912. The Plaintiff’s Purchaser statement must accompany a bid received by fax, email, USPS and mail courier. Any bid received without a purchaser’s statement will not be accepted. 8.  The confirmation will be prepared by the plaintiffs’ attorney and filed within 30 days of date of sale.   The court costs, conveyance fee, transfer fee, recording fee, mortgage release fees, poundage, taxes and deed fee should be listed on the confirmation. Crawford County charges 1.5% poundage on all costs when plaintiff buys property.  Poundage on the purchase price is charged on 3rd party purchases and is included under court costs. Fifty ($50.00) dollars needs to be allocated to the sheriffs' office for deed preparation as well as the 1 1/2% poundage.  The confirmation should state what is to be paid by the buyer or deducted from the sale money. All amounts should be listed on the confirmation.   Tax money should be paid with all other fees, and not paid separately by other divisions of the mortgage company.  This causes unnecessary confusion.  The clerk will send the signed confirmation and releases to the sheriff.  9.  The deed is prepared by the plaintiffs’ attorney and sent to the Sheriff’s office 7 days after the confirmation is filed.  The completed conveyance form should be sent with the deed.  The new owners name will be filled in on the approval sheet by the Sheriff’s office.  When the plaintiff buys property, all costs must be sent with the deed to the sheriff.  3rd party purchasers must have the balance of money paid when sheriff’s office receives the deed.  The sheriff’s office considers the actual date of sale to be when the money is paid and the deed is recorded.  This complies with house bill 138.  The sheriff’s office will file the deed within 14 days after receiving it.  $75.00 will be added to the court costs for filing the deed.   10.  The signed deed will be delivered to the auditor along with the completed conveyance form, approval sheet and fees.  The auditor will deliver to the recorder the deed, recording fee, and mortgage release fee and approval sheet.  The recorder will return the recorded deed to the sheriff’s office.  The deed will be returned to the plaintiff or third party purchaser by the sheriff’s office.   All fees including taxes will be paid out when deed is recorded.  11.  Contact our Treasurer’s office at 419-562-7861 for tax information. 12.  The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office will not be holding open house on any properties. The Sheriff’s Office nor any affiliates have access to the inside of sale properties including appraisals for bank loans. 13. Contact Civil Office at 419-563-2703, or email if you have questions.