K-9 Units The   Crawford   County   Sheriff’s   Office   took   a   different approach   to   a   K-9   Unit   back   in   1995.   Under   the   direction   of former   Sheriff   Ronny   Shawber,   Lt.   Tim   Mutchler   obtained   a bloodhound   and   both   became   certified   in   man   trailing.   Lt. Mutchler’s current K-9 is Ajax. In   2004,   Deputy   Jeff   Windbigler   would   also   obtain   a bloodhound   and   join   the   K-9   Unit.   Windbigler’s   current   K-9   is Tucker.   Both   deputies   and   K-9   are   members   of   the   National Police    Bloodhound    Association.    Lt.    Mutchler    and    Deputy Windbigler    both    attend    yearly    training    with    their    K-9    and receive   certification   from   the   N.P.B.A.   Lt.   Mutchler   is   also   an instructor   for   the   association.   The   bloodhounds   have   been used   for   tracking   suspects   who   fled   from   a   crime   scene,   to searching     for     missing     children     and     individuals     with Alzheimer’s.    This    resource    is    made    available    to    all    law enforcement   in   Crawford   County,   and   have   been   requested in   other   parts   of   the   state   as   well.   Both   handlers   have   given presentations    at    different    events    throughout    the    year    to several different groups. A   third   K-9   was   added   by   Sheriff   Scott   Kent   in   2015. Deputy   Brian   Wozniak   was   able   to   obtain   his   K-9   through donations.   Rex   is   a   male   Belgian   Malinois   imported   from Czechoslovakia.   Rex   is   certified   in   Narcotic   Detection   and Tracking.   He   has   been   with   the   Crawford   County   Sheriff’s Office    since    Aug.    2015.    Deputy    Wozniak    and    Rex    both received   their   training   at   Gold   Shield   Canine   in   Columbus Ohio. Deputy    Wozniak    and    Rex    are    available    to    other Deputies   during   traffic   stops,   and   Rex   is   used   to   search   the jail housing areas and local schools for narcotics.