ENFORCEMENT DIVISION The Sheriff, is the chief law enforcement officer of the county, he is responsible for serving a landmass of approximately 400 square miles.  This includes 862 miles of road, of which 182 miles are state highways, 238 miles are county roads, and 443 miles are township roads.  The Road Patrol is also responsible for traffic law enforcement in the county. The Sheriff started TRIAD-A Concept in Action in 1995.  Triad means a three-way commitment among the Sheriff, Chiefs of police in the county, and older or retired leaders.  They agree to work together to reduce the criminal victimization of the elderly and enhance the delivery of law enforcement services to older persons. The Enforcement Division remains the most visible arm of the Crawford County Sheriff's Office.  The Road Patrol consists of Deputy Sheriff's serving the county in a proactive approach to problem solving and community policing.  They actively work together with citizens to explore creative solutions to solving problems and fighting crime.  The Road Patrol is responsible for answering calls for service.  These calls range from the most serious felony offenses to assisting someone with a problem at their home.  Enforcement is responsible for investigating crime, safeguarding property, and responding to complaints and accidents.  They also assist State and Federal officials when requested.  Enforcement is also responsible for the service of subpoenas, warrants, summons and other legal notices issued by the courts. Our Law Enforcement division has given talks to youth groups about safety issues and many other topics.  We conducted safety belt classes for the area schools.  This program started about 10 years ago and is offered by the Ohio Department of Public Safety through local law enforcement personnel.  It focuses on third grade students.  The third grade are sworn in as Ohio Safety Belts Deputies.  The students earn badges by learning the important of safety belts.  Materials for the students are provided at no cost.  The program creates a good "Buckle up" habit for life.  We have also gone to the area elementary schools and did fingerprints on the children.  The law enforcement personnel have attended village council meetings and enforce Village Ordinances.  We report road and weather conditions to dispatch that in turn notify county school officials, county garage and township trustee. All Enforcement Officers are graduates of the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academics, and are certified Peace Officers by the State of Ohio.  They must complete yearly state mandated training in various subjects to maintain their State certification.  They keep updated on changes to Criminal laws and Traffic laws.  These are well-trained and professional Officers who serve the citizens of the county.