Detective Division The Crawford County Sheriff's Office currently has three deputies assigned to the detective bureau. These three deputies are involved in numerous types of investigations that include but are not limited to burglary, breaking and entering, theft, narcotics, homicide, sex crimes, computer crimes, identity theft, family crimes and crimes against children along with numerous others.   Detectives at the Sheriff's Office are investigations that reach far beyond the borders of Crawford County. Detectives are assigned to the METRICH drug task force based in Mansfield Ohio. Currently there are 9 other counties that are part of the METRICH drug task force and on numerous occasions have asked for our assistance in conducting raids, undercover drug operations, surveillance, and investigating other types of crimes including property crimes, sex crimes, and theft offences. The Crawford County Sheriff's Office is the access point for all law enforcement agencies that belong to the METRICH task force in Crawford County. Being the access point for the county means that all METRICH money, METRICH equipment, and general information come from the METRICH office in Mansfield to the county access officers here at the Sheriff's Office. The information is then sent to all the other law enforcement agencies in the county.