Communications The Crawford County Sheriff's Office Communication has trained employees on duty 24 hours a day year round to handle all non-emergency and emergency calls. There are a total of nine full time Communications Officers and one Supervisor. Two Communications Officers are on duty during each shift. Communication Officers are referred to as "Dispatchers". The Dispatchers receive calls on the main lines, emergency dispatch lines and 911 PSAP's (Public Safety Answering Points). The 911 PSAP's are equipped with a TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf) feature, which allows the call taker to communicate with the hearing/speech impaired. These employees are responsible for all calls received at the office and direct each to the proper person. To assist the needs of the public, the patrol units in the field, corrections staff, emergency and road maintenance personnel; the dispatchers monitor and answer: Primary Radio Band for Road Units and New Washington Police Department State Band for all surrounding Law Enforcement agencies Jail Band for Corrections Officers and Maintenance Township Band for Township Fire & First Responders EMS Band for New Washington Ambulance and Medcorp Ambulance Township Band for road crews Communications is responsible for monitoring and operating the LEADS system, RUOK program, A Child is Missing program, Emergency Alert System, Weather Computer, and the Residential and Business Alarm System. They also operate the door security system for the lobby and administration area along with monitoring the cameras around the building. The Communications Officers are the heart of law enforcement.